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Packages that use Reason

Uses of Reason in org.mutabilitydetector

Classes in org.mutabilitydetector that implement Reason
 class MutabilityReason
          The various reasons that instances of a class can be considered mutable.

Methods in org.mutabilitydetector that return Reason
 Reason MutableReasonDetail.reason()

Methods in org.mutabilitydetector with parameters of type Reason
 boolean Reason.isOneOf(Reason... reasons)
 boolean MutabilityReason.isOneOf(Reason... reasons)
static MutableReasonDetail MutableReasonDetail.newMutableReasonDetail(String message, CodeLocation<?> location, Reason reason)

Uses of Reason in org.mutabilitydetector.checkers

Methods in org.mutabilitydetector.checkers with parameters of type Reason
protected  MutableReasonDetail AbstractMutabilityChecker.createResult(String message, CodeLocation<?> location, Reason reason)
protected  void AbstractMutabilityChecker.setResult(String message, CodeLocation<?> location, Reason reason)

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